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We have 44 members in Texas USA.

Alucard the Risen 17Texas USA
anthrax1214 26Texas USA
ashley21 1Texas USA
Fala USA
Green 746Texas USA
Johnny 9Texas USA
Reticent Darkly 24Texas USA
Splatterman83 35Texas USA
syntagma USA
whitewolf 7Texas USA
B_Dizzy 189Austin, Texas USA
Moosehttp://facebook2005Bells, Texas USA
Whiter-Shade-Of-Pale 43City On The Edge Of Forever, Texas USA
DeraiLerhttp://www.fight-evil.com574Corpus Christi, Texas USA
Freudstein 18Dallas, Texas USA
Lazerus 455Dallas, Texas USA
Leprachaun 31Dallas, Texas USA
Revolver Ocelot 2Dallas, Texas USA
Lazerblitz 27Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas USA
bettyjakboop,, Texas USA
scarytattoos 8Denison, Texas USA
Aquiax, Texas USA
CABFan, Texas USA
Jennacyde, Texas USA
Sullyhttp://www,, Texas USA
daniharris 2Gatesville, Texas USA
soulburn 4Glaewater, Texas USA
Orgotloth 1Granbury, Texas USA
kornfed5150, Texas USA
Sarge Uchiha 117Harlingen, Texas USA
unconscionablelibido, Texas USA
brianhorrormovies, Texas USA
PaulDamon, Texas USA
synnerwithscarsx2 8Houston, Texas USA
Nicholas D. Wolfwood 4Huntsville, Texas USA
beinghuman25 3Jacksonville, Texas USA
Tazmanian Rebel Tawakoni, Texas USA
movie_geek_chick 2885Laredo, Texas USA
Hudsonhawk 28Mansfield, Texas USA
DoomBunnyFilmshttp://www.bloodwinemovie.com11McKinney, Texas USA

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