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We have 30 members in Ohio USA.

Alucard666 1Ohio USA
Baron USA
Delmonte 2Ohio USA
HorrorBabe87http:// USA
Horrorwoman 13Ohio USA
Sarah1121 1Ohio USA
sumogorilla.comhttp://www.sumogorilla.com5Ohio USA
TheSleepingSoulhttp://www.thesleepingsoul.com1Ohio USA
unknown_entity 3Ohio USA
megadethwolf 11Bowling Green, Ohio USA
myteemouth 76Brilliant -the 9th Pit Of Hell, Ohio USA
armungushttp://slackpocalypse.com3Cincinnati, Ohio USA
ohmisskaroline 3Cleveland, Ohio USA
zerobraincellshttp://www.grindhousefridays.com24Columbus, Ohio USA
TheSkarecrow 28Cornfield, Ohio USA
deathwish22 32Dayton, Ohio USA
iHuntCritters189TMNT 6Delta, Ohio USA
CorpsecastDamienReaperhttp://corpsecast.libsyn.com4Dent, Ohio USA
ScreamKingTom 18Fremont, Ohio USA
TomG419http://www.nerdremix.com13Fremont, Ohio USA
birdflu 2Greenwich, Ohio USA
J-Mac Attack 24936Lancaster, Ohio USA
Sarah2o24 275Loveland , Ohio USA
HuntikHorrorFan1017,OH, Ohio USA
ChAkUsHiNaRi, Ohio USA
WarriorDVDSellshttp://www.warriordvdsells.com1Newark, Ohio USA
GhoulardiFan 246Ova Dey, Ohio USA
VQ 2217Springwood, Ohio USA
James92 11Youngstown, Ohio USA
Ghatt Prodhttp://www.ghattproductions.com37Zanesville, Ohio USA

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