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We have 56 members in Canada.

bonechillin 12Canada
fightoffyourdemons 4Canada
Fred Kruegerhttp://horrrorhollow.proboards34.com31Canada
t.e.r.m.i.n.e.r.d 1267Canada
The Real Marco 15Canada
xexious 2Canada
Lucian 708Back In Thunder Bay, Canada
HannibalLecter 558Land Of The Damned, Canada
Olgahttp://www.wherewolvesthefilm.com1Montreal, Canada
syd_barrett_freak 340Newmarket, Canada
kingeched 1586Where You'll Come To Rest One Day, Canada
Mahkwi 9Alberta Canada
Shiverman 87Alberta Canada
Frank Zito 1Calgary, Alberta Canada
Rumpelstiltskin 313Calgary, Alberta Canada
samara 666 1Calgary, Alberta Canada
HorrorJunkie 26Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Strife_Discord 127Edmonton, Alberta Canada
atomicrambler 788British Columbia Canada
Beltrami 7320British Columbia Canada
Helen Strode 36British Columbia Canada
RedRacer 3British Columbia Canada
tinythug420 563British Columbia Canada
deadalive 127Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
frosoul 10Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
SlasherFan2013 12Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
superbeast 39Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
RaeVan 2Manitoba Canada
Tazzy 37Manitoba Canada
Joe Nitrohttp://metalheadjoe.piczo.com10Winnpeg, Manitoba Canada
Sociaza666 14Piccadilly, Newfoundland Canada
joshg 8Nova Scotia Canada
HorrorshowHolocaust 12Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
TheCheeseBong 377Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
HorrorDailyhttp://www.horrordaily.com12Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada
ashanti 6Ontario Canada
BrandonLaynghttp://www.brandonlayng.wordpress.com16Ontario Canada
Chef Maleficent 44Ontario Canada

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