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I Spit on Your Grave



(Reviewed by Snake-666) - Horrific and poorly made yet strangely intriguing.  Warning: 選 Spit on Your Grave' contains extremely violent and offensive subject matter including sexual assault. This review contains occasional explicit references to such acts.

Meir Zarchi's controversial shocker 選 Spit on Your Grave' is possibly one of the foulest horror films ever to be made. The movie follows the story of Jennifer Hill (Camille Keaton), a pretty young writer who travels out to a remote country cabin to work on her novel. Unfortunately for Jennifer she is subjected to a horrific rape by three rednecks and a retarded delivery boy. After being raped and sodomised over a rock she manages to crawl her way home only to suffer another horrendous attack by the same gang. Miraculously recovering from her ordeal Jennifer sets out to gain a bloody and sickening revenge.

This was the first of only two horror movies to be directed by Meir Zarchi and it isn't hard to understand why there were no more. 選 Spit on Your Grave' holds no artistic merit at all with its inadequate direction and poor production so it is understandably often labelled as utter trash. I am yet to come across a movie with a more horrific and prolonged rape scene. Surprisingly the rape scene was somewhat of an accomplishment for Zarchi. Rather than have a ten minute scene Zarchi drops the viewer straight into hell with a vile and degrading thirty minute sequence. Never before has the total brutality of rape been so well portrayed on film and the sequence succeeds in making the viewer loathe those that have wronged Jennifer. This attack is so painful to watch that the grisly revenge that Jennifer takes on her attackers pales in comparison. 選 Spit on Your Grave' is little short of an endurance test for the viewer.

Unfortunately Zarchi's screenplay for 選 Spit on Your Grave' is borderline garbage. Featuring some of the most pointless dialogue and character interaction the film strains the lines of credibility and becomes very hard to stay focused on when there are no `action' sequences. The acting is just as atrocious; even from Camille Keaton who is pretty much the only performer from 選 Spit on Your Grave' to ever appear in another movie. Nevertheless, despite all the flaws there is something strangely intriguing about 選 Spit on Your Grave' and while I would not say it is a film I enjoy watching I will say that I don't hate it. There are some inventive (and horrifying) kills and the final scene has a disturbing tranquillity about it.

Due to the virtually non-existant production values it is easy to label 選 Spit on Your Grave' as sick rubbish or an awful film but there is more to this movie than rape and revenge. Although the screenplay severely lacks in good dialogue and interesting parts there are a couple of interesting scenes that can make the viewer question certain aspects of the story and characters in a positive way. However, I think the majority of people will see few redeemable features in this movie and should probably avoid watching it. Fans of 70's exploitation flicks like 銑ast House on the Left' (1972) and 舛annibal Holocaust' (1979) may enjoy this but I'm almost certain the average viewer (inclusive of horror fans) will not. My rating for 選 Spit on Your Grave' 5.5/10.


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